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We need you to help end modern-day slavery.

Grey Mosaic Floor

Hope is Restored relies on volunteers like YOU to make a difference in the fight against modern-day slavery. Sign up below and let us know how you can help!


Volunteer Positions


Assist with tasks related to maintaining the office space. These duties will vary, but most often include answering phones, greeting visitors, running errands, pounding the pavement, and maintaining organization.


Event Planning

Assist in the process of planning and executing small and/or large-scale HIR events.



Assist with fundraising efforts, connect with potential sponsors, collect donations, collect silent auction items, and plan and execute fundraising events.



Assist with educating the public, learn and teach curriculum, train volunteers, and work with local schools to bring about awareness to students and families.


Legal Team

Assist HIR by providing knowledgeable legal advice, guidance, and addressing any HIR concerns.

HIR Friend

Work directly with survivors by providing transportation, companionship, mentorship, and guidance.  This volunteer position requires additional background screening, specialized training, and has an extensive interview process.

Volunteer Sign-Up

Image by Edouard Dognin

Want to learn more about our mission? Start here:


Do you see His hand in this story? It is unreal. All of this began with a prayer. Now I ask, will you be in prayer to help? To give? To make a difference? Will you join us?

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