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Teaching the Signs of Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking Is Real

Education is the key to making a change. Did you know that Florida is the third-largest hub for human trafficking in the United States? How about the fact that as many as 300,000 American children are at risk for sexual exploitation each year? Did you know the average age a child enters into the commercial sex trade industry is between 11 to 13 years old? These are hard facts to face, but they are happening, and right here in America!


Hope Is Restored is committed to raising awareness and education because this is the first step in eradicating this horrendous trade. The HIR Human Traffic Awareness Presentation was developed to bring much-needed education to your company, organization, school, church, or club. For more information, call us at 904-413-1005.

HIR Awareness Training was developed to bring much-needed educated to our community because education is the first step to eradication. To schedule the HIR Awareness Training for your group, call us at 904-413-1005.

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Swept Away Short Film

Swept Away Short Film

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Watch Who Your Children Play With - Sex Trafficking Awareness

Watch Who Your Children Play With - Sex Trafficking Awareness

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Whitewashed Brick
Image by Edouard Dognin

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Do you see His hand in this story? It is unreal. All of this began with a prayer. Now I ask, will you be in prayer to help? To give? To make a difference? Will you join us?

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