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HIR Board Members


Erica Smith
Founder / President

Erica is a passionate advocate and the founder of "Hope Is Restored," an anti-human trafficking organization dedicated to providing support and empowerment to survivors of exploitation. With a deep commitment to social justice, Erica has devoted her career to combating human trafficking and restoring dignity to those affected by this grave injustice. Driven by a desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of survivors, Erica established "Hope Is Restored" with the vision of creating a world where every individual is free from the chains of exploitation. Under her leadership, the organization has implemented innovative programs focused on prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation, ensuring holistic support for survivors at every stage of their journey to recovery. Erica's unwavering dedication and tireless advocacy have earned her recognition as a leader in the fight against human trafficking. She is known for her compassion, resilience, and ability to inspire others to join the movement to end modern-day slavery. Through her leadership, "Hope Is Restored" continues to be a beacon of hope for survivors, offering them a path towards healing, restoration, and a brighter future. In addition to her work with "Hope Is Restored," Erica is actively involved in community outreach and awareness-raising efforts, seeking to educate the public about the realities of human trafficking and mobilize support for change. Her commitment to justice and her belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every individual serve as guiding principles in all her endeavors. Erica holds a degree in counseling and has received specialized training in trauma-informed care and victim advocacy. She remains steadfast in her mission to empower survivors, challenge systems of oppression, and build a world where exploitation is no longer tolerated.

Mark Smith
Co-Founder / Officer

Serving as a co-founder and officer, is a dedicated advocate for the cause alongside his wife, Erica. While Erica takes a more prominent role, Mark operates quietly behind the scenes, focusing on security and protection for our survivors and safe house. With extensive experience as a corrections officer and in the military, Mark brings invaluable expertise to his current role. He actively supports day-to-day operations, ensuring the safety and security of everyone involved with Hope Is Restored.

Diana Cochran

Serving as the Secretary for Hope Is Restored, Diana plays a vital role in our organizational efficiency and effectiveness. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for our mission, Diana ensures that administrative tasks are handled seamlessly, allowing our team to focus on combating human trafficking and supporting survivors. Her dedication to our cause and her commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to our organization, embodying the spirit of hope and resilience that defines our mission.

Sara Fisher

Sara serves as the Treasurer for Hope Is Restored, diligently managing our financial resources with integrity and transparency. Sara has an unwavering dedication to our mission and ensures that every dollar entrusted to us is used effectively in the fight against human trafficking. Her commitment to fiscal responsibility and her passion for making a difference empower our organization to continue its vital work of restoring hope and advocating for survivors. Sara's leadership as Treasurer is instrumental in our efforts to combat this injustice and create a brighter future for those affected.

Kevin Craig

Kevin brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as a new board member of Hope Is Restored. With a background in corporate governance and a passion for social justice, Kevin is committed to furthering the mission of the organization to combat human trafficking. His strategic insights and leadership skills will be instrumental in guiding the organization towards its goals of raising awareness, providing support to survivors, and advocating for policy change. Kevin's addition to the board strengthens Hope Is Restored's ability to make a meaningful impact in the fight against modern-day slavery.

HIR Steering Committee

Whitewashed Brick

Tasha Chapman
Volunteer Coordinator

As the volunteer coordinator for Hope Is Restored, Tasha leads our dedicated team of volunteers in the fight against human trafficking. With her unwavering commitment and compassionate leadership, she ensures that every volunteer's efforts are maximized to bring hope and support to survivors and to raise awareness in our community. Tasha's dedication is instrumental in our mission to eradicate human trafficking and restore dignity to those affected. Her tireless work embodies the spirit of hope that defines our organization.

Brandi Mizell
Media / Event Coordinator

Brandi believes God prepares us for His purpose long before we even know what that purpose is. Her original plan for her life was drastically changed in 2020 when Covid hit our state. After over 14 years in the food industry, she was suddenly searching for a new job and a new purpose. In her spare time, she began volunteering with local organizations, helping with social media and setting up events. Nearly three years later, she was introduced to Erica through a mutual friend. Erica shared her heart for this mission, and a passion was ignited within Brandi. She began volunteering as their first house mom, and then eventually transitioned into the position of social media and Events Coordinator. She is honored to be part of such a great organization that continues to not only raise awareness for human trafficking, but also provides vital assistance and hope to survivors who have endured unimaginable trauma.

Image by Edouard Dognin

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Do you see His hand in this story? It is unreal. All of this began with a prayer. Now I ask, will you be in prayer to help? To give? To make a difference? Will you join us?

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