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Hope is Restored Joins True Life Church's Parenting with a Purpose Conference

Hope is Restored recently had the honor of presenting at True Life Church's Parenting with a Purpose conference, an event dedicated to equipping parents with essential tools and information for navigating the complexities of raising children in today's world. The presentation addressed the pressing issue of human trafficking, highlighting its alarming prevalence and various forms, including online exploitation.

The session detailed online dangers, emphasizing vigilant supervision and proactive measures to protect children. The team discussed insidious tactics used by perpetrators to groom targets, providing parents with critical insights to recognize and thwart such attempts. The overwhelmingly positive response from attendees showed the session's impact, as parents left empowered with knowledge and ready to safeguard their loved ones.

This event underscores Hope is Restored's mission to combat human trafficking and protect vulnerable individuals. The organization is grateful for opportunities to partner with entities like True Life Church to spread awareness and effect positive change in communities.

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